For decades the best flooring systems for the pig sector

Nooyen is a family business that has been actively farming pigs for many decades. We have been producing floor systems since 1978 based on our own practical experience. These systems are designed to continuously improve pig breeding results. So you can always rely on us to develop the most innovative floor solutions.

Nooyen is flexible in its flooring solutions

But that’s not all: we also have the biggest range of slatted floor systems, and we go further than anyone else in responding flexibly to the specific wants and needs of individual pig farmers.

Your next floor

So to select the best possible floor solution for your farm, look no further than the Nooyen product range and the options we offer. That’s why your next floor is a Nooyen floor.  

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Nooyen offers a total package in slat systems.

Dealers worldwide

Nooyen cooperates with expert dealers who can advise you extensively in determining your choices