Tri-Bar farrowing pen slat

The V-shaped slat for perfect hygiene


The V-shaped bars of the Nooyen steel Tri-Bar slatted floors ensure a perfect drain of manure and, consequently, excellent hygiene.

This gives the flooring system an ammonia reducing effect. Because of their flat tops, Tri-Bar slats have an optimal standing surface and offer outstanding lying comfort.

The Eco-Line is a Tri-Bar slatted floor for in the farrowing pen with heated lying areas on both sides of the sow.


In addition to various standard sizes, the Tri-Bar is available in any customised size. The steel Tri-Bar slats for the piglet area in the farrowing pen is available with a 10 mm bar width. In combination with 8 or 10 mm slots.

Additional options:

  • Tri-Bar slats can be installed at any required height using strips welded against or under the Tri-Bar or angle irons.
  • The Tri-Bar farrowing pen slatted floor can also be fitted on both sides of the sow with a steel lying area with integrated floor heating system. The Eco-Line has a steel solid area on both sides; the MVR on one side.
  • Tri-Bar slats can also be combined as a half-slatted floor with a concrete area.

T ri-Bar farrowing pen slat features


Tri-Bar is available in a flat model or a model with extra profile: Softgrip.


The lying areas in the Eco-Line have a tear shaped profile., providing optimal grip for the piglets.


Optimal manure drainage and hygiene thanks to the V-shaped bars with rounded edges.