Tri-Bar fattener slat

The V-shaped slat for perfect hygiene


The V-shaped bars of the Nooyen steel Tri-Bar slatted floors ensure a perfect drain of manure and, consequently, excellent hygiene. This gives the flooring system an ammonia reducing effect.

Because of their flat tops, Tri-Bar slats have an optimal standing surface and offer outstanding lying comfort.

Tri-Bar is available as a self-supporting construction and is easy to install in a standard position or in a combined position (parallel to the passage) with a steel support. In the standard position, self-supporting spans are possible up to 3,000 mm. Tri-Bar is available in various standard lengths – increasing per 100 mm. Different lengths are available on request. Tri-Bar slat systems can be combined perfectly with a solid concrete area.

The steel Tri-Bar slats for fatteners are available with 12 or 15 mm bar widths in combination with 12 or 15 mm slots. The optimal standard seating is 25 mm.

Additional options:

  • Tri-Bar slats can be installed at any required height using strips welded against or under the Tri-Bar or angle irons.
  • Tri-Bar slats for fatteners are available with a manure opening.

Tri-Bar fattener slat features


Tri-Bar slats for fatteners come standard with an
extra profile: Softgrip.


An alternative option for Tri-Bar is a steel
round profile with 12 mm bar and slot


Side pins ensure a good connection of the
slatted floors.


Optimal manure drainage and hygiene
thanks to the V-shaped bars with
rounded edges.