Tri-Bar piglet slat

The V-shaped slat for perfect hygiene


The V-shaped bars of the Nooyen steel Tri-Bar slatted floors ensure a perfect drain of manure and, consequently, excellent hygiene. This gives the flooring system an ammonia reducing effect.

Because of their flat tops, Tri-Bar slats have an optimal standing surface and offer outstanding lying comfort.

Tri-Bar is available as a self-supporting or non self-supporting construction and is easy to install in a standard position or in a combined position (parallel to the passage) with steel support. Tri-Bar is available in various standard lengths – increasing per 100 mm. Different lengths are available on request. The Tri-Bar slatted floors can be equipped, for instance, with a heating system: the Hotpipe slatted floor or de heated convex panel slats.

The steel Tri-Bar slats are available with 10 mm bar width in combination with 8, 10 or 12 mm slots. Another option is 12 mm bar width in combination with 10 of 12 mm slots. An alternative option for Tri-Bar is a steel round profile with 10 mm bar width in combination with a 10 mm slot.

Additional options:

  • Tri-Bar roostervloeren kunnen op elke gewenste hoogte worden geplaatst middels een tegen- of ondergeplaatste strip of een tegengeplaatst hoekprofiel.
  • Tri-Bar roostervloeren kunnen worden uitgevoerd met een mestopening.
  • Het Tri-Bar rooster is uitstekend te combineren met een Blue Deck of Super Coated roostervloer. 

Tri-Bar piglet slat features


Tri-Bar is available in a flat model or a model with extra profile: Softgrip.


Tri-Bar equipped with a strip welded against the Tri-Bar.


Hotpipe slatted floor
This self-supporting slat system is manufactured fully from Tri-Bar and is equipped with a built in hot water heating system. This system operates through pipes underneath the Tri-Bar and ensures even heating of the slatted floor.


Convex panel slats 
The solid convex area of this self-supporting slatted floor is heated using hot water, creating a comfortable lying area for the piglets. In addition, the convex plate is equipped with a tear shaped profile for optimal grip.