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A slatted floor system is not simply a floor for your pigs to stand and rest on. A good floor determines to a great extent the living conditions of your sows, piglets and fatteners. You want optimal well-being and good health for your animals, high labour efficiency and the best technical results. And all of that for an acceptable budget.

This is precisely why Nooyen Pig Flooring constantly focuses on the very best technology and the latest solutions. Progress is part of Nooyen’s DNA. We are always looking for the ‘next floor’. Geared to suit your wishes and needs. In other words: Come to Nooyen for ‘your next floor’!



From pig farmer to slatted floor producer...

Nooyen has been successfully creating its own distinct profile for decades. In 1978, six brothers, originally pig farmers, produced the first slats for their own use. Soon enough, their product appeared to be enormously popular with fellow pig farmers and they decided to take the path to the industrial world of slat production. Nooyen now has several production plants located worldwide where steel, cast iron, Super Coated and solid plastic slatted floor systems for pigs are produced. In addition, the original pig farm branch still exists.

...from idea to innovation...

In the course of the years, Nooyen has developed into a leading slat system producer through a number of innovations and product improvements. The ideas for new systems at Nooyen are born out of practical situations and are then expertly translated into innovative and solid products, which create absolute added value for the pig farming industry. Before being released on to the market, the new and improved Nooyen products are extensively tested at several test facilities across the world.



...and from wish to end result!

Nooyen looks at its own products through the eyes of the agricultural entrepreneur enabling it to produce slats that meet the demands and requirements of you as a pig farmer. At Nooyen, you can choose V-shaped steel, coated slats, cast-iron, plastic or a combination of these materials based on your individual requirements. Nooyen offers a comprehensive range of innovative slatted floor systems.

Nooyen Pig Flooring - Quality guaranteed

Quality is a number one priority with Nooyen. Many years of experience in the field of slatted floor systems enables Nooyen to continually improve its product range. This is an important condition to be able to optimally anticipate the requirements of pig farmers and further consolidate the market position.

In addition to quality, Nooyen naturally attaches great value to sharp price levels. This is partly achieved by a great extent of standardisation of products and dimensions. Additionally, custom-made equipment naturally remains an important spearhead.

Super Coated

Prior to and during the coating process, various quality inspections are conducted in order to guarantee optimal quality and a long life span of the coated slats. For instance, the pH-value of the primer is measured and the viscosity – or the degree of fluidity – of the coating is determined. A coating hardness tester is used to determine the hardness of the coating. This measurement is conducted before treating the slatted floor with a salt solution. Finally, testing samples are used to carry out a mechanical tensile test. Via this test, the flexibility of the coating is tested. After the tensile test, the sample is checked using a microscope, so that optimal adhesion of the coating to the steel can be guaranteed.


Nooyen Tri-Cast slats are made of a qualitatively excellent casting mixture: Ductile casting (EN-GJS-400-15). Thanks to the lamellar structure of the iron molecules and the high viscosity of this mixture, the material is impact-resistant and highly ductile. This means that Tri-Cast can withstand a 5 percent bend without any problems.




Nooyen aims for a long, durable life of its Tri-Bar slatted floor by using high resistant steel instead of standard reinforcing steel (FeB 500) High resistant steel is a high quality alloy with a high nickel, chromium and copper content and a highly specific amount of silicon. Compared with standard reinforcing steel, high resistant steel has a highly accurate and therefore consistent composition. The steel is cold formed and thermally galvanised. The zinc coating has an average thickness of 100 to 130 micron. As high resistant steel can be coated with more zinc than standard reinforcing steel, it has a longer life. Thanks to the use of high resistant steel, the quality of the slatted floors marketed by Nooyen far exceeds NEN-EN-ISO 1461 standards.

Blue Deck

The Blue Deck slats are made of environmentally-friendly and recyclable first-generation cadmium-free polypropylene. Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer with a very wide range of applications. This material group consists of linear macromolecules without cross links. The application of thermoplasts has big advantages because softened materials can easily be formed into the required shape and can also easily be reused. Blue Deck slatted floors are also highly resistant to chemical solutions, bases and acids.


Nooyen offers a total package in slat systems.

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