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Visit Da Bei Nong A 05/09/2017

DBN Group from China.

The Da Bei Nong group from China made a visit to Europe.

After visiting France, Hungary and Germany, they all came to Nooyen in Deurne Holland on september the 5-th.  We have shown our visitors different types of farrowing-floors, different ways to grow and we take a tour at VIC-Sterksel, the Dutch "Pig-College".

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Plato-place A 19/05/2017

Plato's polonaise

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Irish healthy pigs A 24/04/2017

Irish healthy Pigs


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Chambre d'agriculture A 18/04/2017

Uit onderzoek van de Franse Chambre d'agriculture de Bretagne (Carole Bertin & Yannick Ramonet) blijkt dat een gecoate vloer het beste is voor uw biggen.


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your next tweet A 24/03/2017

your next tweet; the pig oscar goes to......Sabine Grobbink


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